Top Reasons Why Freelance Writing Pitches Get Rejected Every Time



Are you a freelance writer apprehensive of rejected writing pitches? For every writer, a rejected pitch is nothing less than a nightmare. So, the first and foremost thing you need to comprehend is that your potential clients’ mind is the gateway between you and the revenues you can generate as a freelance copywriter. You should have adequate sources, knowledge, skills and expertise to read their mind and persuade them that you are the right man for the job.

You need to know the company you are pitching to. Relate with the prospects as much as you can. Know about the target audience, what they like to read and how your content can benefit them. Pitch the stories that you want to write and seek the markets that run those stories. Dealing with rejections is the most onerous task for a specific freelance writer and this is the worst thing to happen.

Some of the reasons why Freelance Writing Pitches get Rejected:-

Inappropriate Pitch for the publication’s vision

Publication’s vision is the pivotal thing to consider. If your pitch is not appropriate or does not match publication’s vision, there is a massive possibility of rejection. Meeting the specific needs of publication is of utmost importance. If your pitch is over-covered, you will get into a trouble. So, get acquainted with the publication’s vision on high priority.

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Plagiarized Pitch

Plagiarism is an act of copying and pasting the content from any source; quite rightly the theft of writing. For editors, it is highly distressing receiving a pitch that has been copied from anywhere. A writer who creates original and unique content every time is a real-time writer. Google and its algorithms trace the copied content if published anywhere and just block the website and it never gets good ranking.

The Content is no longer Intriguing

Developing intriguing content is the paramount objective behind every writing assignment or project and no individual is interested to read the content that is tedious and boring. Therefore, it is necessary to create content that draws attention of many and persuades them to seek more information on a particular product or service.

Gender Blunder

Usually, the gender mix-up irritates most of the editors. Ample research is the key to shun these blunders. Make sure to use the right gender in the content that represents a male, female, company or business. Avoid gender blunder and interact with the audience in the right way. You should have a clear understanding of gender and if you are unsure, ask as many questions as you have in your mind but prior to writing.

Considering Yourself as an Inexperienced Writer or a Non-Writer

Exceptional writing skills, creative mind and a zeal to write on several topics are imperative to be a good writer. However, if you think deep down in your mind that you have no previous experience as a writer, you are losing an opportunity to earn money. Never consider yourself as a non-writer. Companies and businesses always strive to find an experienced writer, however, if you showcase your writing skills to them and convince them that you can develop a content that helps them achieving their goals, they will definitely rely on you. Boost your confidence and believe in yourself.

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Dearth of Follow Up

Plenty of freelancers try their level best to draw attention of editors via an unconventional pitch. Do not expect an instant response to your pitch. Most of the time, editors forget to respond every email because of their hectic and busy schedule. So you need to be courteous but unapologetic. To make things easier for the editor, you can send a follow up mail along with your original email. You need to have patience and sending repeated messages to the editor can be one of the reasons of rejection. Creating a template email is essential to eradicate the fear out of follow up.

Stories mismatching the requirements

Millions of people are performing freelance writing jobs but only a few are able to make their mark and write that matches the requirements. Are you one of them? If not, your pitch gonna be rejected down the line. Majority of editors receive a ton of pitches that have nothing to do with what they exactly desire to read. To the point content with minimal revisions in order to meet deadlines is an exceptional way to captivate attention of editors.