How Freelance Writing can be Lucrative for your Career


make-money-freelance-writingDo you envision earning a colossal amount of money someday while staying at home? Freelance writing is proving to be a lucrative opportunity for individuals who covet to earn money while sitting at home by writing things on a diverse range of topics. Computer or laptop, internet connection, Email address and Paypal account are the paramount requirements to start with. Majority of organizations seek creative and veteran writers with a degree in English literature, journalism or marketing. However, excellent writing skills and great portfolio are adequate to scrutinize whether an individual is a professional writer or not.

A fresh graduate or post-graduate irrespective of age and location can become a freelance writer.
Most of the businesses remain on the lookout for writers who specialize in developing content that promotes their services, products and connect them to the wider audience. Organizations also employ creative writers who create content to augment their brand awareness, take their website to top of search engines, bring traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase sales and conversions.

Superlative Points to Consider for making Money with Freelance Writing

Enhance Online Visibility with a Website

A strong online presence or visibility is requisite if you want to generate revenues. The more people know about you, the more possibility of writing projects increases. Creating a well-designed website with attention-grabbing content is a pivotal step. The content in your website should leave an impression in the mind of people that no other writer is better than you and only you can deliver them exactly what they require.

Sharing Regular Content on Social Media

Sharing content on social media on regular intervals is an ideal way to boost online visibility and draw the attention of potential clients. Today, social media websites have billions of active users so when they will read your articles or blog posts, they analyze your writing skills and if they need any service or product, they will get in touch with you. Upload as many videos on YouTube as you can. By doing this, you will be able to expand your network.

Seeking Clients who need Writers

Once your strong online presence or visibility is established, you can start seeking clients who have work assignments, projects and are in utmost need of a writer like you. When people start recognizing you as a professional writer, half of the job is done because they will definitely contact you. The next crucial step is to get acquainted with freelance marketplaces. Create a profile on renowned websites such as, and Find out organizations and websites that give content tasks.

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Become Proficient in Different Forms of Writing

Content writing is not limited to a specific form of writing. So, learn different forms of writing such as Informational writing, Promotional writing, Article writing, Blog creating, Press Release writing, Magazine writing, Ebook writing, book writing, SEO Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Conversational writing, Product writing, Product Review writing and so on. If you become proficient in either of these, nothing can avert your money making opportunities.

Understanding Your Niche

Understanding your niche is the key to start as a writer. When you select your niche, you can get more opportunities within that particular niche. After entering a niche, just start looking sub-niches. For example, if you choose travel, you can find guides, companies, blogs, eBooks and much more. Divide your niche into diverse categories and you can earn money via each of them.

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Bid Websites

Bid websites are usually known as the revenue-generating sites that allow folks to hire web designers, developers, SEO professionals and content writers. When a writer completes a writing project, he gets money from the buyer. Elance is one of the websites where writers can earn a substantial amount of money within shortest possible time. Internet is an optimum way to find various bid sites that can help generate an immense amount of money.

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Statistics assert that millions of people are generating cash-flows by creating blogs. With an exponential growth in Content marketing, demand of freelancing bloggers is escalating at a rapid pace. Develop attention-grabbing, original and unique blogs to create interest among readers. Magazine owners and news agencies are always in quest of writers with competency in creating blogs.