Become a Great Copywriter in No Time with These 4 Tricks


1, 2, 3 and bam! Everyone wants quick results and I am sure you do too. And when it comes to making it big in your career, you want everything to happen at an even faster pace. Find out how you can become a successful copywriter faster than anybody else:

  1. Highlight With Headlines

As a copywriter it is your duty to know that if your headline is weak, your ad copy will never get read. The same will become true for your content no matter how well you have written it. If you put a vague or unclear headline that doesn’t do justice to the quality or motive of the piece written below it, chances of it being read by your audience are further diminished. You need to understand the power of persuasion and that you will need exercise that every time you write something. Great headlines can’t help weak content but they do a lot to increase audience engagement.

  1. Never Underestimate Research

The best copywriters out there are the fiercest researchers. They would keep on digging and looking for the right facts, and statistics and information until they know the subject like the back of their hand. If your aim is to write authoritative content, the only way to do it and do it with the flair of an expert is to follow the topic with all your dedication and determination. Leave no stone unturned and no page unread, literally. Find out through books, research papers, journals and videos and newsfeeds about the topic at hand and base your content on genuine and verifiable facts.

(1, 2)

  1. What to Write About?

Copywriters don’t just fall off the tree right into the lap of their niche. Nope! They start by writing whatever needs writing and pretty much whatever comes their way. For example, you might get thrown into writing advertisements for print and broadcast media when in fact you wanted to write scripts for short movies. You may be roped into writing for brochures, leaflets, newsletters and press releases but in reality you wanted to write just some health related blogs instead. Some content marketers might be able to discover their niche early and some might take more time than usual. Some are already aware of what they like to write about the most and then there are a few who have no clue. Following is a list of all the things that you can do as a content writer. Take your time to study and analyze the relevant examples of them available online. Carefully assess the style and method of writing and come up with the category that suits you best.

  • Ad concepts
  • Business-to-consumer (B2C) copywriting
  • Business-to-business (B2B) copywriting
  • Online copywriting
  • Social-media copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing


  1. Start Networking

In addition to being incredibly laborious and tactful in your research about your content, you have to be very patient in the way you connect with your audience. To put it more in perspective, you have to be a little shameless. Try cold calling or emailing. Don’t try and sell your stuff to them just yet. Let them know that you didn’t even ask for any such favors but just want to know their opinion about a certain product or category and/or service. Make them your loyal customer by not selling but by empathizing. Another thing is social media which is a big tool these days and you need to learn to use it to your advantage. Follow what they like and share with their friends and family. Become a part of their choices and discover what they want to read and like being informed about. This is how you become a successful copywriter faster than anybody else.