5 Ways To Write An Impressive Sales Copy


We make promises and we keep them.” Coming up with such an impressive punch line may make your sales copy an attractive one but it might not be the only thing needed for success. What makes your marketing strategies whole is the ability to deliver on all those counts. But if you are in fact confident that your products and services are top notch and exactly what your consumers are looking for, then it’s a different story. It might be the right time to come up with a sales copy that does justice to the level of quality and customer centricity you bring to the table. Don’t take content lightly!

  1. Let Your Headlines Make Headlines

We all talk extensively about creating impressive and engaging headlines. Its importance is however still lost on some people. These are a strong lead in getting your copy read by your target audience. That’s right, your headline could be the single most important part of your newsletter. It must give the reader an idea that the write-up focuses on their needs and wants. You promise them an intriguing reward if they decide to stick around and read it through.

  1. Persuasion Is Subtle But Effective

Presuming that your headlines have finally succeeded in piquing the interest of your readers, it is time to go for the kill but don’t put yourself out there. You can obtain a psychological commitment out of them so that they read every word of your sales copy and give your CTA a fair chance. Be clever in your approach and write up initial paragraphs that draw them in and further establish a strong rapport.

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  1. Be Specific, Be Numeric

The more numbers you use, the more specific you come across to your readers. This is very important for any copywriter in the digital age because your audience wants verifiable facts and figures that are backed by studies and surveys. The more number and statistics you add to your sales copy content, the more believable and persuasive you become. So if you really want to impress your readers, be prepared to indulge them with percentages, graphs, sales comparisons, profit margin curves and growth factors, etc.

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  1. Use Short Sentences

Shorter sentences and simple language result in a highly understandable and relatable sales copy. Your readers shouldn’t have to make an effort to read any of your web content, articles or blogs. Shorter sentences are easier to read than long and unending paragraphs that tell stories and thesis. They are also crisp and much more understandable which makes them impactful.

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  1. CTA? Oh There It Is!

Your CTA should never be difficult to find and if you want it to stand out of the crowd, add some more words to it. Numerous tests show that a few extra words on your call-to-action make for a dramatic impact on your audience. So, instead of saying, just “sign up” or “click now,” go for something like “sign up for a monthly newsletter” or “click now for a free quote.” Get specific and get more conversions!(5) http://www.funnelenvy.com/blog/secrets-of-high-converting-sales-page-copy/