5 Ways to Write a Copy That Saves Lives


You’ve read such content before and if you look closely, you even have them in your inbox. They are so, so compelling that they make you stand up in your place and take an oath right there to make a difference. What is it about those write-ups that charge you up so much? What is it about a copy that garners the desired reaction out of you?

A digital marketer in this time who has been given the task to deliver content is biting his nails most of the time to come up with a copy that is not even engaging but also garners some serious action from the reader. This is the fundamental characteristic of copywriting that saves lives. It motivates you. It encourages you and drives you to take action and a stand for what you believe in. Yes, you can do that too but how? Read on to find out:

  1. Your Audience Is The Star

A very principle in the world of digital marketing is to position your audience as the star. They are one that is going to make a difference. Without their contribution or subscription you are nowhere. But being a content developer you have to find cleverer and better ways of conveying this message across without sounding desperate. Portray your reader as the hero and inspire them with the great deeds of the great men who passed on from this world having made a huge difference. Promote your service or cause in a language that wins hearts and drives them to take action.

  1. Give Them A Story To Chew On

Your audience more often than not relates well to stories than statistics. While you might be often tempted to load your messages with number and statistics that emphasize problems and their solutions, it is hardly going to work. Years of research and testing have shown that the average reader is not as affected by facts as they are by stories that they can relate to. If they identify with the central character of your story, they will subscribe to your newsletter or enroll for membership or whatever it is that you are offering.

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  1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

You know your strengths and you know them by heart. Does your reader know them as well? The first step of a copywriting that is intended to save lives and make a difference in the society is the very benefit of your service that no other can compete with. This benefit is the value of your particular product to your target audience and customer and so they need to know how well or efficiently this product will help them. So, teach them, explain them and educate them about the service that you offer so that they can be sure that they are about to be associated with a brand that is true to what they claim.

  1. Cut Them To Size

You don’t have to be violent or be badmouthing your competitor in any way. No way! But instead write a compelling copy that easily differentiates your products and services from those of the competition. Find out your competitors’ weaknesses and tell your audience why buying them would not be in their best interest or be a terrible mistake straight out.

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  1. Believe In What You Preach And Write

This applies to you and in more ways than one because you need to be sure of the cause that you stand for. Any copy that is intended to derive a certain action from the reader has to be based on thorough research and keen interest preferably of the writer. If you don’t believe in what you write or stand for, then you can’t possible come up with content that your reader would find interesting or worth a read.

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