5 Ways To Make A Landing Page Copy That Ensures Conversion


You need conversion copywriters if you want your business to survive and beat the competition in the current scenario. Your landing page content should be able to convert your readers into loyal consumers and deliver sales as predicted in your organizational plan. But what is the trick here that you can employ while creating a landing page copy that would ensure buckets of cash coming your way? It is not just about the skill but implementation as well.

1. Horse’s Mouth

Testimonials of your customers work like a charm every time you want to positively impact your readers. These have emerged as one of the most powerful conversion copy techniques out there. This is not about writing at all but about letting your loyal and happy customers take the lead. In a way you are letting them write your copy for you. Honest opinions and testimonials produce conversions for your business like nothing else can. It is very much impossible to write an impressive landing page copy as good as your customer. Reason for that is simply that a good copy is the one that has a reliable source and not just style and substance. Testimonials are far more compelling because they paint a clear picture as to what a prospect would experience if they use your product or service. So, yes including verified consumer testimonials in your landing page copy would be a clever idea.

2. Emphasis

You cannot emphasize enough on the most important features and benefits of using your products and services. Your customer has grown intelligent over the years with the amount of knowledge that is accessible out there. Thus, quit providing them with a solution and instead give them a reason to purchase from you rather than anyone else. You can do that by pitching not only your solution, but the benefits of using your product as well. It is important for any marketing expert or online marketer to include all the positive aspects of their products in their landing page content because this clear line-up of merits that you offer makes you stand out of the crowd.

3. Headlines Make Headlines

This isn’t really rocket science and probably the easiest and the best way to make a sale. Headlines garner a lot of attention and especially if they are hitting right on the pain points. Most of your readers do not want to read a meticulously written page and are not really interested in the statistics that you have quoted and therefore, highlight the headlines as much as possible. Your readers will scan, skim, and would only allow their eyes to filter and look on the things across the page that they find appealing. So, what does a copywriter in your position do? You adapt to your customers’ preferences and produce a landing page copy that would compel them to convert despite their skimming habits. Never underestimate the power of a catchy headline, a sub-headline, your pictures, and a CTA button and the like.
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4. SEO

Is anything complete without search engine optimization? As an internet marketer you already know that identifying your target audience along with their pain points is the first step. What you need to consider next is search engine optimization which takes you back to identifying your customers’ needs in order to determine the search terms they use to find your landing page. While keywords are very important, overusing them can and will hamper your content and your reputation. So focus more on quality content that is well refined and in accordance with your landing page structure. This provides valuable and informative content to your visitors. You can build credibility of your brand and enhance your value proposition in the first strike.

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5. You’re The Best

Consumers are swarmed with choices and they would want to know why they should choose your products or services over those of your competitors. You’ve already made clear that you understand their problem, but what is more that you can do that your peers can’t? You can come across as the best choice that your consumers will ever have. How is that possible? It is possible by:

• Highlighting your expertise and experience
• Sharing testimonials from people like we talked about above
• Outlining your special offers (if any)
• Minimizing the buyer’s risk by offering a guarantee or a money back scheme, etc.

This way your readers should be left with no other choice and absolutely no doubt in their minds. All they would think about is hitting your call to action button hard enough to take them to your landing page and making a purchase on the spot!