5 Things To Know To Write An Effective Ad Copy


It is time to get inspired and write something that intrigues your prospects more and more as they move on from one word to the next. If you too as a copywriter find it difficult at times to come up with content that is as engaging as it is profitable, then following this list of things might prove beneficial. There are certain things that you could do to write an effective ad copy. Although do take into consideration that this is not a conclusive list and you may want to couple these tips with experience of your own.

1. Make It Sound Big!

So, the first thing that you can do is focus on presentation. You want your product or services to come across as the best thing that ever happened since sliced bread and for that to happen you need to present a compelling argument. Your products or services depend on you, and as an entrepreneur or business owner you cannot or simply should not settle for anything that is less than perfect. You just can’t afford writing a bad ad copy and if you can’t seem to do it on your own, hire someone who can present your product in the right light.

2. Research

If you are into digital marketing or internet advertising, you just cannot ignore research. Missing this one step before you go about writing an ad copy puts you at a rather dangerous spot where your competitors easily find a chance to run you over with their well thought out marketing strategies. An advertiser or a copyrighter who has struggled to make a name in this field would know that results can only be garnered when you know exactly what your target audience thinks and wants. You cannot write an effective and impressive advertising copy unless you know:

• Who your target audience is
• How they think and perceive you as a brand
• What they need at the moment

There is just no substitute for a good research because that enables a marketer to understand their audience better and best serve their needs.

3. Give Them a Reason

Information is value and valuable to your prospects. The more informative your ad copy is the more effective and persuasive it would be. If you are successful in hooking them to your site with the headline, it is time to give them something more to chew on. Your visitors would want to know exactly why they should buy from you and not anyone else. Make sure to tell them all about your product, and then inform them why the product is important. They should know why it is such a better deal than what they get somewhere else? They need a reason to be impressed and a rationale to trust your brand. All their questions need to be answered first and foremost and primarily so because their buying decision is going to depend on this information. Therefore, in order to deliver an effective and strong ad copy, you need to make your content more informative.

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4. Tell Them a Story

It is time to make things even more interesting for your prospects. Everyone loves a good story; they like to hear about people — especially the ones who are interesting. People who have had a difficult life and have faced challenges are inspiring and we tend to relate to them more than anyone else.

So, stick to the basics like:

Opening: Introduce the issues or pain points of your central character.

Conflict: Now comes the part where the character is threatened in the absence of a response to this problem

Dialogue: Draw your audience to a dialogue that takes place in your story

Solution: Finally, it is time to welcome your product into the story as the cure for your character’s problem

An ad copy that gets unfolded in the form of a story puts your product or services as the catalyst that enables the central character in overcoming the odds he or she faces. This kind of storytelling ad copy is most commonly found in email series, landing pages, or in short introduction videos.

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5. Spark Up A Conversation

The You and I strategy is a very effective one if you want to come up with an ad copy that is as personal as it is informative to the viewer. In this style of advertising copy, the copywriter writes as if there is an ongoing conversation between him and his audience. The language here could be kept casual and somewhat similar to a dialogue between a salesman and a customer.

This approach more often than not strikes a chord with your target audience and you get results instantly. Although do keep in mind that being a polished copywriter is not as essential as having a passion for the product or service you are trying to promote. This true dedication and passion eventually comes across in all your efforts and your marketing procedures give way to a better market image and brand strength.