5 Content Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2017



The New Year has begun and in between holiday parties and excruciatingly long shopping hours we are all thinking about the same thing, how is our marketing strategy going to pan out this year? There are so many things that we saw over the past year and truth be told, some of them were not that pretty. But the world of digital marketing is about to change as we look upon what the year 2017 has in store for us:

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Many of us tremble and cower at just the thought of “artificial intelligence.” With AI now a reality and very much capable of producing decent written content, we are seeing a major shift in content development. Now marketers have good reason to be afraid of or perhaps they don’t? Artificial Intelligence can accomplish many tasks impressively things, and this is why content marketers especially who can take advantage of it would stand to benefit greatly from this technological breakthrough. According to experts, AI has the potential to alter the content marketing landscape as we know it today and revolutionize it. It can be put to use to better understand your content and keyword requirements, which enables you to develop content that finds place with your relevant audience.

  1. Internet of Things

Things around us are getting connected to one another and soon this technology is going to reach to the four corners of the world. Newer and newer devices are coming up every day with and they are loaded with abilities that we can’t even begin to comprehend. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), users can move and work beyond their PCs, laptops, and smart phones.

For example, smart microwaves and refrigerators can communicate with their user. People now have installed Bluetooth devices and speakers, and remote controls for various household appliances. They have made their dwelling a smart home and now the challenge for content creators is to develop content that can respond to each of these devices within the IoT space. Future of content marketing sees marketers providing highly customized content based on location, monitoring data, relevance and real-time alerts, keeping these devices in mind.

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  1. Going Mobile

The year 2016 was the one when we witnessed the number of mobile searches surpassing desktop searches. Now digital marketers will have to come up with diverse and all encompassing marketing strategies that cater to mobile users. It is time that we embrace and accept this major shift of user habits and behavior in order to maximize on our efforts.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is the key. In this age of relevance, the digital customer responds only to something that holds their attention. You will never be able to engage and monetize on your customers if you still take all of them to be alike. Your audience is unique and so is every element of it that makes it. Their desires, needs, life struggles and journeys are all distinct and therefore need a special place in your marketing endeavors.

  1. Prepare To Engage

Promotion and advertising are still a huge part of your content strategy but there is a big difference between content and ads.

Content is focused on creating and maintaining customer engagement and loyalty. Advertising is more about acquisition and seeking attention. With changing marketing environment we know that retaining customers is more affordable and profitable than acquiring new ones. Therefore, this is another area of digital marketing that we will witness a major change in this year.

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