5 Commandments To Establish Yourself As A Valuable Copywriter


Freelance Copywriter

You want to be indispensable to your readers? Well, we all do and that is why we make the effort. We try to be spontaneous, interesting and funny and make sure to use all the right words to keep our audience glued to our page. But how can one make that happen every time they put their pen to paper or rather their finger to the keyboard? Following these 5 simple rules could help:

  1. Know Your Audience

Who are you writing this e-mail or newsletter to? You need to visualize the receiver on your list and then think about what their day is usually like. You have to know what your audience finds important and to be passionate about. Find out their age group and the products or services they purchase and why, because the more you know about your audience, the more target specific and relevant your content will be.

  1. Discover Your USP

In order to become indispensable to your readers your offer must stand out from the competition. This increases your chances of getting a better response. Your unique selling proposition is something that gives consumers what your competitors do not or will not. This proposition of yours must be strong enough to keep the existing consumers glued to your page and also pull new customers to your offering.

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  1. Joe But Not Silly

Being a copywriter or a marketing expert implies that you like wordplay and what good is a write-up if it doesn’t let you flaunt any of it? You like puns and in-jokes as much as any other guy but much to your dismay this might not be something that your reader enjoys or relishes even a bit. You are proud of your craft and you should be but not at the expense of losing audience just because the language was too flowery and failed to engage the reader. Think like the average Joe but without coming across as dumb and make clear and powerful statements in the simplest way possible.

  1. Research Counts

The best and the most successful copywriters were the result of tenacious research. You need to dig deeper and longer to find facts and gripping details so that you can back up your content with valuable statistics and verifiable information. The more you know about a subject, the more you are capable of establishing yourself as a credible source of information and intellect about that field. Learn about what you want to write and then give it your 100%.

  1. Be Interesting

Be interesting all the way by telling truthful but fascinating stories. You can never ever come across as boring or someone who has little to say about anything. This is the right way to interest your consumer into buying your products and services. So try the following and witness your following multiply:

  • Invent a personality or a character
  • Use great imagery and visualization techniques
  • Always employ reader-friendly formatting
  • Never forget to add humor
  • Make controversy your masala

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