5 Characteristics For An Effective Landing Page Copy


There are so many things to consider when you are trying to come up with unique and effective landing page content. You have to bring crisp and keyword rich headlines and then you have to make it all sound interesting without being to sales pitchy. Irrespective of what you are trying to sell here, what matters is the following list of things that make for an attractive landing page copy:

1. Clarity

Everything that you write about your product or service, should convey clearly what you want to say. Nothing should be ambiguous and that includes your headlines and sub-headings that should be far from vague. Don’t beat about the bush with cheesy lines and metaphors, instead get right to the point and connect with your visitor as soon as they land on your page.

2. Relevance

Make sure that your visitor comes to your landing page because of a combination of a display ad or an AdWords ad or an attractive headline. All of it has to be relevant and connected to each other to be able to deliver a mind blowing impact. For example, if your ad does not say “free trial” and your landing page headline mentions it in bold letters then your bounce rate will definitely increase.

3. Empathize

Ca you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? All your catchy headlines and gimmicky phrases should empathize with your visitor. Headlines that you use should clearly demonstrate the benefits of using your product or services. This reassures them that their problem will soon be solved. By empathizing with your readers you can ensure that they stay on your landing page and convert sooner.

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4. Human Approach

This technique of writing a landing page copy crushes your competition. At some point of time you would want to bring a tone to your write-up that is more human and personal and therefore miles away from sounding strained and robotic. Your viewers prefer to connect with other people, real people and not with robots and therefore your landing page copywriting practices should include this aspect as well. Make sure to write the way you speak to your friends or family members or at a get together with friends over coffee without going over the top. Use normal words and short sentences that can convey your message without deviating from the topic at hand and don’t be afraid to break a few grammar rules. That’s right, we don’t always follow those strict guidelines of grammar or sentence form, so feel free to make mistakes.

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What is ROTI? It stands for Return on Time Invested and this should be your first job when creating a landing page copy. It is so because the first investment any of your potential customers makes is of their time. When they click a PPC ad and head to your landing page, you have to make it worth their while. As a customer visits your page, he or she has only one thing on their mind and that is they want to know what they need to know and that too right away.