3 Easiest Ways to Find Online Copywriting Clients to Kickstart Your Writing Career


You don’t have to sit around waiting in line to be called for your interview. Stop struggling for your big break that might not find its way to your able shoulders amidst the crowd. Say goodbye to the long queue of prospects and say hello to instant success. Who said it doesn’t pay to play with words? There are many ways to find loyal online copywriting clients to jumpstart your writing career.

  1. Direct Mail

Never underestimate the power of the old and trusty email. An easier way to stand out of the crowd is to break the norm and be a little exciting. Remember, there are hordes of other freelance copywriters out there that are shooting off e-mails just like you are. But what make you unique are your approach and the fact that you are capable of writing a nicely-presented mail package. Never shy away from customizing your mailing process. However, never run the risk of sending an unasked-for attachment either because you don’t want to be labeled as spam by any of your target audiences. Keep your messages short, sweet and simple and you can also include your business card in it. If you have more room, make some space for a reply card, a sample, a small e-book excerpt, etc. Make your email interesting and not overwhelming. The trick is to keep the information as lively as it is valuable.


2. Write For Thy Neighbor

All the more reason to love your neighbor is the fact that he runs a business. You can start by doing some work that can be either free of charge or at a bare minimum of cost to the client. They can be your friend or a relative or a neighbor. The point is to get your work out there. Once in circulation, you will eventually find place with people who will actually appreciate your talent. You can start by writing a testimonial or two or a few recommendations. This is an easy way to know the lay of the land also find out your true caliber.

3. Get Online

Now this seems pretty obvious but it is quite effective as well. Getting yourself recognized on freelance websites that offer jobs both temporary and permanent is a fantastic idea. You can completely rely on the various platforms that are available to writers and digital marketers of today. They are the ideal way to find the best paying clients and thus you too can be making a big living soon from the various jobs posted online. Another big and useful tip is to start small. Make sure that you are not charging exorbitant prices for your marketing write-up. You are good and you know that but perhaps your client needs to see that before he is willing to pay a high asking price. Be reasonable and humble in your approach and focus on gaining experience. Once you gain traction, hike up your prices. This way you can build a strong portfolio and it favors you in the long run. These were some really easy and very much employable tricks that can get you copywriting clients easily. For any skilled writer what holds the most importance is his first break. Be sure to grab it tight and give your 100%.

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